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What Goes Into Making Your Video

Updated: Nov 12, 2018

Most people believe that video production is easy. You just pick up a camera, point, and click, and it’s done. Easy peasy, lemon squeezy! Right? Wrong! What most people don’t know is the behind the scenes work that goes into video production. As video production is an art, there are no specific rules, but there are many considerations. It is not easy like shooting a clip on your cell phone. There is a lot more to it.

Today, we will tell you how video production is done.

Three Step Program No, this is not like that kind of program. It's something entirely different. There are three steps involved in making a video for a business. Today, we will give you a look behind the curtain and show you how each step is performed:

Pre-Production The beginning of any project is the most important part. If you do that one right, the rest of the project falls in line. Think of pre-production as a skeleton of the entire project. This is where lines will be drawn and ideas will be finalized for your video. Each business has a different requirement for their videos, and it is the job of the video production company to make sure that all your ideas are perfectly executed. Pre-production starts with an in-person or telephone consultation. This is where you tell us your ideas and what message you want to give to your audience.

We then discuss your budget. It is always best to be upfront about your budget. There are many options and ways to have a video done. Knowing your budget helps tremendously in this phase of production. We have seen all too often when a client gets very excited about an idea and then hits the sobering reality that the 'Michael Bay' explosions can't be implemented within their YouTube video budget.

Don't fret. Something can always be arranged. Just be open and honest with your video provider. And most importantly, be realistic with yourself.

Once ideas are formulated and a budget is agreed upon, we get into the scriptwriting phase. The script includes the music, dialogue or narrative, animations, required graphics, and description of the shots. The selection for the location is also done in the pre-production stage. Everything from noisy locations, the position of the sun, and extra lighting are decided in this stage. If there is a need for actors to be hired for your business video, the casting and selection are also scheduled in the first stage. The pre-production is wrapped upon deciding the actual shooting schedule.

Shooting After pre-production is done and all the things are in place, the process of shooting the video begins. This is the part that you are probably most familiar with. But are you really? As we mentioned before, great video production is more than aiming a camera and hitting record. There are many things to be considered, such as direction, sound, lighting, camera operation, and makeup. For smaller budgets, these duties may be handled by only a few people. For very limited budgets, there may only be one. Ideally, you will have someone specific handling each job. Crew members specialize in these duties. The more specialized the crew member, the better outcome your video will have. Shooting often takes longer than you would expect. Different takes may look good to you, but remember that your video professional is looking at all aspects of the shot and thinking of the edit as well. If things are rushed, your video will suffer and you will have wasted your budget. This doesn't mean you should belabor each shot, but you definitely should not move on until you are happy with the shots you have gotten. There may be (and probably will be) multiple takes necessary to get what is needed. Rely heavily on the producer to let you know when it is safe to move on.

Editing The third and final step in a video production is the edit. The video that has been shot is analyzed and trimmed to fit your timeline. Animations, voice-overs, music, the transition between shots, or any other graphics that need to be added are done in this step. All these things are done very carefully. We will work as quickly as possible to get a rough-cut over to you, but we will not rush your edit.

We have often heard how, “My son makes videos in one day!” or “Don't you just have to line up the shots?” It's true. Videos can be shot and edited the same day. That also depends on the type of video that is being done, what the outlet for the video is, expectations of the viewing audience, and the urgency of the completed project. But trust me... you want the editing process to take as long as needed to give you your desired result. I can cook a steak in 3 minutes in the microwave, but is that really the steak you want?

What Are The Costs For? So, you have read this article. You understand that there are a few things you didn't realize go into producing a quality video. Now you find yourself thinking – this seems easy enough. Why are you charging me $XYZ to do it?

In addition to the thousands of dollars your video provider has spent on equipment, they have also spent years training and studying, and will spend a lot of time on your project. They may be shooting at your location for 4,8 or even 10 hours, but the hours of pre-production and the hours of editing soon add up.

This may seem like a simple thing now, but even a video as small as 1-3 minutes can take a lot of hours to process. Not to mention that it needs to be done just right so that your business can get the best recognition.

Now that you know a few of the steps that go into producing a video, make sure that you hire a professional to make your business’ video.

If you're looking for one, be sure to consider White Balance Media for video production in the Cleveland/Akron area. We also travel throughout the State of Ohio to create business videos and commercials.

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