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“Wait... What? You want me to tell you my budget? Why, so you can miraculously give me a quote that is at the top end of what I'm willing to spend?”

We get it. Telling a service provider your budget is a scary thing. But we start this blog series with budget, because it is the most important thing. The way the rest of the conversation goes is dependent on this.

Sometimes it makes sense to hold your cards close to your chest. But remember, you are not purchasing a car. You won't go to a Mercedes dealership if you only have a Chevy budget. So keeping that to yourself to see if you can get the best deal, can seem the smart thing to do.

The difference between the car dealership example and video production is that a professional production company can give you Chevy quality or Mercedes quality. They just need to know where to start.

Lets look at a couple of examples... You could call a production company and just simply ask for a 60 second commercial.

You can get a video like this:

Or one like this:

Of course these two examples were very drastic, but it is just to prove the point that you must stick within your budget.

The more information regarding budget that you can give your video producer, the better. A good producer will present you with a few ideas or options while creating the quote. Knowing your budget helps them stay within the realm of reality.

Some would argue that the taxidermy commercial was memorable because it was funny. Therefore; it was effective. That is one way to think of it and if you decide to do something like that as an artistic choice, then that's great. Tell your provider that you have a budget of $500, show them that sample and go to town.

The problem we have in our examples is that both are 60 second commercials. One with a budget of probably a few hundred dollars and the other with a budget of hundreds of thousands, if not a million. I've worked on my fair share of Lebron James commercials. Be they Nike, Sprite, Beats or even Cavs promo pieces, you would be amazed at the budget.

Coming Home - Beats Ad
David Looking Very Small Next to LeBron

Please don't get me wrong. I'm not suggesting you break the bank for your video. Just be sure your expectations and your budget are in line with one another. You can have some great stuff shot and edited for a few thousand dollars. Or even a thousand. You just have to know that going in. You are not going to be able to fit a $20k commercial into a $2k budget.

If you can't trust your video producer to charge you appropriately for the project, then perhaps you shouldn't be working with them anyway. There are some snakes out there that will over charge you and underpay their crews. I've been on the receiving end of it. But those situations are few and far between. The majority of the pros are honest and will only bill you what is necessary to create YOUR vision.

If you've received a quote from a production company and want an independent eye to check it out, feel free to drop us a line and send it over.

You don't even need to be a client of White Balance Media. We won't try to sell you or steal you away. We will just use our years of experience to give you an honest assessment.

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